Sustainable Consumption & Production Round Table

FEDIOL is a member of the Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table (SCP RT) through its membership in PFP (the Primary Food Processorsí association). This RT offers a platform for dialogue amongst stakeholders of the food supply chain and aims to be a major contributor to sustainable production in the EU. Strenghtening the long term competitiveness of the EU food supply chain, is one of the† goals outlined in the EUís Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan (SCP Action Plan).

Markets are seeing a proliferation of national and private initiatives for the environmental labelling of food products. The approaches are diverse in terms of scopes and methodologies, which adds to sub-optimisation and thus to introduction of inefficiencies in supply chains. The SCP RT offers a platform for merging these initiatives into an EU harmonised approach. Such approach should support communication on environmental impact of food to consumers as well as continuous improvement processes along the supply chain. The SCP RT is co-chaired by the EC and the Joint Research Centre, providing for the necessary scientific backing of its work.